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Committee at a Glance

General Chair
Christopher Mattheisen, Chairman-CEO, Magyar Telekom, Hungary

Executive Chair
Lajos Hanzó, Professor, University of Southampton, UK

ComSoc Staff
          June Leach-Barnaby, Porject Manager, IEEE ComSoc, USA
          Giorgie Millamena, Project Manager, IEEE ComSoc, USA
          Heather-AnnSweeney, Marketing, IEEE ComSoc, USA
          Kerrianne Sullivan, Graphic Design, IEEE ComSoc, USA
          Max Loskutnikov, Graphic Design, IEEE ComSoc, USA

GIMS Advisor
Klaus D. Kohrt, Germany

GITC Advisor
John Thompson, University of Edinburgh, UK

TPC Chair
 Andreas F. Molisch, Professor, University of Southern California, USA

          TPC Vice-Chairs
          Andrea Conti, Professor, University of Ferrara, Italy
          Iain Collings, Research Director, Wireless and Networking Techologies Lab, CSIRO ICT Centre, Sydney, Australia

          Workshops Co-Chairs
          Thomas Michael Bohnert, Professor, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
          Christoph Mecklenbrauker, Professor, Vienna Univ. of Technology, Austria
          Christina Fragouli, Assistant Professor, EPFL Lausanne Switzerland

          Tutorials Co-Chairs
          Marco Chiani, Professor, University of Bologna, Italy
          Wei Chen, Associate Professor, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

          Panel Sessions Co-Chairs
          David Soldani, Vice President of the European Research Centre at Huawei, Munich, Germany
          Peter Rost, Research Scientist at NEC Labs Europe, Heidelberg, Germany

          Publications Co-Chairs
          Dong In Kim, Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
          Peter Mueller, Senior Researcher, IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, Switzerland

          Student Travel Grant Chair
          Tommaso Melodia, Assistant Professor, State University of New York at Buffalo

Conference Operations Chair
Rolland Vida, Associate Professor, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

          Finance Chair
          Péter Nagy, Managing Director, HTE, Hungary

          Patronage Chair
          Roland Jakab, Ericsson Hungary Vice-President

          Publicity Chair
          John Vig, IEEE Past President, USA

          Bruce Worthman, IEEE Communications Society, USA 

          Local Arrangements
          Nándor Mátrai, Asszisztencia, Hungary 

          Keynotes Co-Chair
          Gerhard Bauch, Professor, Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany

          Exhibition Chair
          Nigel Jefferies, Huawei Technologies, UK

          Design Chair
          Attila Vidács, Associate Professor, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

          Social Networks Chair
          Vilmos Simon, Associate Professor, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

          Web Chair
          Róbert Schulcz, Research Fellow, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary







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