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Patronage means leadership
  • Your patronage validates the leadership of your organization in the industry and positions your company to gain maxi-mum exposure with IEEE ICC  2013 attendees.
  • Use this business-building event to share your company’s products and services with important decision makers in the industry.
  • Patron status maximizes your company’s visibility and enhances your company’s reputation.
  • IEEE ICC 2013 gives you access to thousands of people that you want to reach and influence.
  • Your company will be prominently featured as an IEEE ICC 2013 patron.
  • Showcase your brand to the most influential engineering audience in communications technology.

Why Become a Patron?
The IEEE ICC is the global, world-class event to present the most recent results from research, development and standardization.

The IEEE ICC brings together industry leaders and scientists from around the globe to debate, discuss and learn about the technologies, business opportunities and new applications.

Patrons enjoy extraordinary visibility with the powerful audience at the conference. There is no competition for time between conference sessions and networking receptions. The character of the event as a place where important ideas are exchanged is evident and continually reinforced throughout the event.

The IEEE ICC attracts the “Who’s Who” in communications, i.e., leading customers, operators, vendors, researchers, investors and press. Attendees mingle in a relaxed environment, and discuss the future of communications with those who are shaping it.

Patrons gain access to research executives and directors of some of the world’s leading R&D organizations and project representatives. The event’s attendees are responsible for setting R&D and product development goals and have a considerable budget responsibility.

The IEEE ICC has a long track record and an increasingly powerful, loyal audience. Since 1965 it has a reputation as “major communications event”.

We would welcome your own ideas for discussion, and would be glad to assist with any enquiries you may have. The wide range of opportunities available means that you can choose a package that fits your particular marketing strategy. Some opportunities are negotiable.


Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Associate
Banner or roll-up with your company name and patronage level in the foyer area of the conference venue x        
Your company name and  patronage level listed on a display panel in the foyer area of the venue x x      
Company-flag / roll-up in front of the venue 6 3      
Keynote speech during conference (subject to approval by OC/TCP) x        
Acknowledgement by the chairman during Welcome Reception, Opening and Banquet Welcome, Opening, Banquet Opening, Banquet      
Keynote address x x      
Full conference registrations and access to social events (#) 5 3 2    
Invitations to the exclusive "VIP" welcome reception (#) 3 2 1    
Advertisement in the Final Program (full / half page) Full page Full Half    
Patron’s material added to conference bag x x x    
Complimentary 2m x 3m exhibition booths duble size single size single size   single size  
Listed on IEEE ICC 2013 conference website...          
Your company’s logo x x x x x
Paragraph about the company/organization (up to #) 375 words 375 250 125 125
Company/organization website URL x x x x x
Available up to 2 5 8    

Patron Packages

Platinum Patron Packages $ 40,000

Gold Patron Packages $ 20,000

Silver Patron Packages $ 10,000

Bronze Patron Packages $ 6,000

Associate Patron Packages $ 3,500

Special Patronage Packages
Please note that all patronage packages can be customized to suit your company’s preferences. In addition, there is a possibility to build patronage packages to include visibility at special program items like Conference Banquet, Awards Luncheon, Welcome Reception, Lunches, Coffee Breaks, etc., or through conference collateral like Final Program, Conference Bag, Proceedings and Lanyard. Please contact the organizers for more details.

Advertisement in the Final Program
The Final Program will contain all of the essential conference information and will be used as a reference guidebook well after the conference is over. Please note that the Full Conference Papers will be included in the Proceedings that the attendees will receive on USB sticks (no printed version).

Full page advertisement $ 3,000

Half-page advertisement: $ 2,000







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